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    The Cold War - Superpower Relations 1945 - 1989 9780582303140

    Manufacturer: Longman
    Cold War Superpower Relations 1945-89 - This book is taken from a series of short, in-depth studies on key areas of 20th century history. It could be used as a complete course or as a supplement to the conventional textbook providing a thorough treatment of a particular topic. It is also suitable as back-up material in the classroom or at home. Topics are presented in sufficient depth for GCSE examination work and the language is simple with clearly explained concepts making it suitable for students of differing abilities. Extracts supplement the main narrative and questions on both written and illustrative sources encourage the development of historical skills. Work sections at the end of each chapter test understanding of both text and illustrations. The author taught at John Ruskin School, Croydon and is now a freelance writer. He has also prepared an edition of "Howarth: Twentieth Century History: The World Since 1900".
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    Dimensions L x W (mm) 297 x 210
    Author(s) Brooman Josh
    Format / Binding Paperback
    Language English
    Weight in Grams 100
    Subject History
    Condition New
    Type Resource