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    Returns and Refunds

    Returns / Credit Note / Refund Policy

    1. All sales are considered firm (non-returnable) and no returned goods will be accepted unless pre-arranged prior to the sale taking place and subject to management discretion. No staff may collect goods from clients without company pre-approval.
    2. Special offers are not subject to any further discount and may not be used in conjunction with any other special offer or discount. Special offers are not generally available on credit account.
    3. No refund will be allowed on goods accepted for return and they will have to be exchanged for a voucher / credit note or goods to the value of the return.  Proof of purchase must be provided, and electronic goods must be in their original packaging.
    4. These goods will not be accepted for return unless due to an error on the part of Caxton Books: study guides, photocopiable material, e-books, software, special offers or any non-stock item ordered specifically for clients ("special orders").
    5. Proof of purchase must be provided for all returns and no goods will be accepted for return / exchange or credit once thirty days from the date of sale has elapsed.
    6. Goods purchased through the back-to-school program may be exchanged for a gift voucher / credit note or goods within ten days of receipt of goods (subject to all conditions herein).
    7. Children moving to a new school or staying in the same grade after having ordered books will have the option of a refund.  Written proof must be provided from either school if the former or your current school if the latter.
    8. Where any terms and conditions are contrary to applicable South African legislation, the applicable legislation will prevail.
    9. The management of Caxton Books reserves the right to make change to these standard terms and conditions of business without prior notice.