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    Picture of Akwaba 9780195786453

    Akwaba 9780195786453

    Akwaba - Lo ngumdlalo osekwe kwelentlanzi, phantsi kweNtab'etafile. Ibali eli liqulethe umbandela obalulekileyo nobilis'ibunzi kuluntu luphela - isifo esigqugqisayo uGawulayo, kwanentsholongwane engunozala weli gongqongqo lesifo. Libali elingoPhumela intwazana esakhulayo. Njengoko igama layo lisitsho, iphumela kumanzinzithi neenzima zobomi. This play takes place in Cape Town. It is about a very important and disturbing issue that affects the entire community - the issue of HIV and AIDS.
    R 215.95
    Picture of Biology for Life 9780174480969

    Biology for Life 9780174480969

    Biology for Life - Biology for Life is the leading text for 14-16 year olds in Caribbean schools. This flexible, attractive text is clear and easy to read, providing material for a wide range of abilities. Biology for life contains practical investigations which give clear instructions, and allow students to work independently of the teacher.
    R 518.95 R 470.00
    Picture of Boesman and Lena 9780195703313

    Boesman and Lena 9780195703313

    Boesman and Lena
    R 227.95
    Picture of Complete Chemistry (IGCSE) 978019917991

    Complete Chemistry (IGCSE) 978019917991

    Complete Chemistry (IGCSE) - . Particles in Chemistry ; 2. What are those particles? ; 3. Atoms combining ; 4. The mole ; 5. Chemical equations ; 6. Chemical change ; 7. Electricity and chemical change ; 8. How fast are reactions? ; 9. Acids and bases ; 10. Earth and its resources ; 11. Air and water ; 12. The behaviour of metals ; 13. Making use of metals ; 14. Nonmetals: hydrogen and nitrogen ; 15. Nonmetals: oxygen, sulphur, and the halogens ; 16. Carbon and organic compounds ; 17. More organic chemistry ; 18. Rocks ; 19. The changing face of Earth ; 20. Further topics ; EXAMINATION QUESTIONS ; DATA PAGES ; ANSWERS ; INDEX
    R 262.00
    Picture of Complete Physics (IGCSE) 9780199147342

    Complete Physics (IGCSE) 9780199147342

    Complete Physics (IGCSE) - Stephen Pople, one of today's most respected science authors, has created a totally new physics book to prepare students for examinations. Complete Physics covers all syllabuses due to a unique combination of Core Pages and Further Topics. Each chapter contains core material valid for all syllabuses. Further Topics at the end can be selected to provide the right mix of pages for the syllabus you are teaching. Key Points: � Totally new book constructed from an analysis of all GCSE Physics syllabuses including IGCSE, CXC, and O'Level � Sets the traditional principles of physics in a modern and global perspective and uses illustrations with a worldwide context � Extra topics to give a truly rounded curriculum � Double-page spread format � Ideal for those students intending to take physics to a more advanced level
    R 257.00
    Picture of Complete Physics for Cambridge Secondary 1 9780198390244

    Complete Physics for Cambridge Secondary 1 9780198390244

    Complete Physics for Cambridge Secondary 1 - This engaging course incorporates crucial challenge material right from the start, enabling students to confidently leap into Cambridge IGCSE (R) Science study with a solid foundation in Physics. It is the best preparation for our bestselling Complete Science for Cambridge IGCSE course, facilitating seamless progression from Cambridge Lower Secondary Stage 9 right into Complete Physics for Cambridge IGCSE. Complete Physics for Cambridge Lower Secondary covers all three years of Cambridge Lower Secondary Physics in the same book, flowing smoothly from one stage to the next. Regular revision and extension exercises will help consolidate learning and then stretch and challenge students to reach the next level. Plus, it's fully matched to the Cambridge syllabus, so you

    know everything is covered.
    R 265.95