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    Picture of History for the IB Diploma Democratic States Paper 2 9781107556355

    History for the IB Diploma Democratic States Paper 2 9781107556355

    History for the IB Diploma Democratic States Paper 2 - Comprehensive second editions of History for the IB Diploma Paper 2, revised for first teaching in 2015. This coursebook covers Paper 2, World History Topic 9: Evolution and Development of Democratic States (1848-2000) of the History for the IB Diploma syllabus for first assessment in 2017. Tailored to the requirements of the IB syllabus and written by experienced IB History examiners and teachers, it offers authoritative and engaging guidance through the following detailed studies from around the world: South Africa, India, Germany, and the USA.
    R 540,00
    Picture of History Skills and Practice: IB Diploma 9780198390145

    History Skills and Practice: IB Diploma 9780198390145

    History Skills and Practice: IB Diploma - Ensuring confident development of all the crucial skills central to IB assessment, this focused study-tool comprehensively addresses all the assessment areas of the 2008 syllabus at SL and HL. Including a full section on source analysis and packed with examiner guidance and strategies for tackling assessment tasks, this book supports exceptional achievement.
    R 495,00
    Picture of IB History Course Book: Rights & Protest 9780198310198

    IB History Course Book: Rights & Protest 9780198310198

    IB History Course Book: Rights & Protest-Paper 1 - Drive critical, engaged historical learning. Helping learners more deeply understand historical concepts, the student-centred approach of this new Course Book enables broader, big picture understanding. Developed directly with the IB and fully supporting the new syllabus for first examination 2017, the clear, structured format helps you logically and easily progress through the new course content. Cover the new syllabus in the right level of depth, with rich, thorough subject content. Developed directly with the IB, with the most comprehensive support for the new syllabus. Truly engage learners with topical, relevant material that convincingly connects learning with the modern, global world. Streamline your planning, with a clear and thorough structure helping you logically progress through the syllabus. Decipher source evaluation, refine and progress analytical thinking and fully embed vital Paper 1 skills, strengthening exam performance. Integrate approaches to learning with ATLs like thinking,communication, research and social skills built directly into learning. Help learners think critically about improving performance with extensive examiner insight and samples based on the latest exam format. Build an advanced level, thematic understanding with fully integrated Global Contexts, Key Concepts and TOK. Also available as an Online Course Book
    R 550,00
    Picture of World History Authoritarian States 9781292102573

    World History Authoritarian States 9781292102573

    World History- Authoritarian States - Pearson Baccalaureate History: Authoritarian States 2nd edition is a revised version of the bestselling 1st edition, written by leading IB practitioners to specifically match the International Baccalaureate 2015 History curriculum. This book comprehensively covers the revised Authoritarian States topic, with specific focus on comparisons between leaders. The new edition covers five leaders in depth, from each region - Castro, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini and Nasser and includes foreign policy, as well education and social policy, as outlined by the curriculum. It will equip you with the knowledge and skills that you will need to answer essay questions on Paper Two and document-based questions on Paper One, as well as covering crossover content with Paper Three. The book is also accompanied by an enhanced eBook containing worksheets, quizzes to test knowledge and examination skills, and enlarged source material. Authoritarian States includes the following features: G a clear overview and analysis of key events G practice in analysing source material, including photographs, cartoons, letters, speeches, and other documents G support throughout for new curriculum features, including key concepts and international mindedness G in-depth coverage of leaders, with the addition of foreign policy and comparative analysis G approaches to learning highlighted in each activity throughout the book G focus on the examination requirements, with 'hints for success' throughout, as well as quizzes on the eBook G an updated Theory of Knowledge section, matching the latest syllabus, and questions throughout to help with wider research and discussion. Other titles in the Pearson Baccalaureate series include: History: Causes and Effects of 20th Century Wars History: The Cold War History: The Move to Global War Theory of Knowledge
    R 947,00
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