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    Picture of Number Sense GR (00) 9781920426392

    Number Sense GR (00) 9781920426392

    Number Sense GR 00- A strong sense of number is at the heart of being able to do mathematics. Number sense is developed in the early years of schooling. The Number Sense Workbook Series has been developed to provide independent written activities for children. The series can be used by teachers working with small groups of children at a time to keep the other children productively engaged as well as in whole class settings. The workbooks allow for differentiated support with different children in a class working in different workbooks and hence on different activities that are well matched to their developmental state. The series can also be used by parents wanting to provide daily support to their children. The richly illustrated pages are engaging, challenging and developmental in nature. To see sample pages and to help you decide which workbook is the best one to start with for the unique needs of your child/class visit: today!
    R 55,00
    Picture of Happy Handwriter's Number Book 1 9780620728522

    Happy Handwriter's Number Book 1 9780620728522

    Happy Handwriter's Number WorkBook 1 - Mastering correct number formation is an essential skill for life. Poorly formed numbers can not only lead to reversals, but also to illegible numbers which cause confusion both for teachers and the children themselves.The Happy Handwriter�s Number Book focuses on establishing the motor maps for number formation �the right way the first time� This is the book to choose when looking for number formation activities.The numbers in the workbook are separated into groups according to their starting positions,namely the blue, the middle and the red starters. The group names are taken from colour borders of the boundary box surrounding the number. This is the ideal approach to Number Formation Activities. The Happy Handwriter�s Number Book allows for establishment of the motor maps for number formation through multiple repetition in the correct starting positions and patterns. There is a strong focus on The Doughnut� � our name for the starting position of the numbers. Correct starting positions and formation patterns play a significant role in the reduction of number reversals, which can so easily become habitual and difficult to remediate once the patterns have been formed. Get your Happy Hanwriter�s Number Book and set your child on the path to well-developed number formation.
    R 140,00
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