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    Picture of Streetcar Named Desire 9780435233105

    Streetcar Named Desire 9780435233105

    Streetcar Named Desire - The Heinemann Plays series offers contemporary drama and classic plays in classroom editions. Many have large casts and an equal mix of boy and girl parts. This play depicts the conflict between a fading Southern belle and the brash lower-class society of her sister's family.
    R 228,00
    Picture of Death of a Salesman 9780141182742

    Death of a Salesman 9780141182742

    Death of a Salesman - Arthur Miller's extraordinary masterpiece, Death of a Salesman changed the course of modern theatre, and has lost none of its power as an examination of American life. A man is not an orange. You can't eat the fruit and throw the peel away. Willy Loman is on his last legs. Failing at his job, dismayed at his the failure of his sons, Biff and Happy, to live up to his expectations, and tortured by his jealousy at the success and happiness of his neighbour Charley and his son Bernard, Willy spirals into a well of regret, reminiscence, and A scathing indictment of the ultimate failure of the American dream, and the empty pursuit of wealth and success, is a harrowing journey. In creating Willy Loman, his destructively insecure anti-hero, Miller defined his aim as being 'to set forth what happens when a man does not have a grip on the forces of life'.
    R 215,00
    Picture of Handmaid's Tale 9780099511663

    Handmaid's Tale 9780099511663

    Handmaid's Tale - Offred is a Handmaid in the Republic of Gilead. She has only one function: to breed. If she deviates, she will, like dissenters, be hanged at the wall or sent out to die slowly of radiation sickness. But even a repressive state cannot obliterate desire - neither Offred's nor that of the two men on which her future hangs. Brilliantly conceived and executed, this powerful evocation of twenty-first century America explores a world in which oppression of women, and repression of the truth, have become justified.
    R 215,00
    Picture of X-Kit Essential Reference: English 9781775783480

    X-Kit Essential Reference: English 9781775783480

    X-Kit Essential Reference English - A straightforward reference book that covers all the English content you require simply and logically in one book! Covers all aspects of grammar, punctuation, spelling, writing, speaking, comprehension, literature and visual literacy. Ideal for learners (Grades 8+) and students, for everyday use in the classroom, at home and for exam revision. Worked examples demonstrate concepts and simple structure and navigation tools help you find and use key concepts and examples in record time.
    R 185,00
    Picture of Hamlet (Cambridge School Shakespeare) 9781107615489

    Hamlet (Cambridge School Shakespeare) 9781107615489

    Hamlet (Cambridge School Shakespeare) 3'rd Edition - An improved, larger-format edition of the Cambridge School Shakespeare plays, extensively rewritten, expanded and produced in an attractive new design. An active approach to classroom Shakespeare enables students to inhabit Shakespeare's imaginative world in accessible and creative ways. Students are encouraged to share Shakespeare's love of language, interest in character and sense of theatre. Substantially revised and extended in full colour, classroom activities are thematically organised in distinctive 'Stagecraft', 'Write about it', 'Language in the play', 'Characters' and 'Themes' features. Extended glossaries are aligned with the play text for easy reference. Expanded endnotes include extensive essay-writing guidance for 'Hamlet' and Shakespeare. Includes rich, exciting colour photos of performances of 'Hamlet' from around the world.
    R 169,00