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    Picture of District Six and Other Plays 9780195761429

    District Six and Other Plays 9780195761429

    District Six and Other Plays - District Six and other plays, a collection of short, modern South African drama, will engage learners everywhere. From a one-woman play to physical theatre, it meets teacher's needs for plays that have literary value and can be studied in-depth, as well as for those that can be easily performed. Featuring successfully staged works by acclaimed playwrights David Kramer, Fatima Dike, Nadia Davids, Fiona Coyne, Michael Williams, and Roy Sargeant.
    R 199,95
    Picture of Now I am Alone' 1: SA Monologues 9780992179151

    Now I am Alone' 1: SA Monologues 9780992179151

    Now I am Alone' 1: SA Monologues
    R 276,00
    Picture of Now I am Alone 2: SA Monologues 9780992179168

    Now I am Alone 2: SA Monologues 9780992179168

    Now I am Alone 2: SA Monologues - A collection of thirty monologues from South African plays, fifteen for male performers and fifteen for female performers, suitable for use by young adults sixteen years and older. Includes details of the source play and notes on the character and context of the monologue. Playwrights include Brett Bailey, Malika Ndlovu, Reza de Wet, Sue Pam-Grant, Lauren Bates, Mike van Graan, Ashraf Johaardien, Robin Malan, Sibusiso Mamba, Paul Slabolepszy, and Omphile Molusi
    R 276,00
    Picture of Pygmalion 9781416500407

    Pygmalion 9781416500407

    Pygmalion - Enduring Literature Illuminated by Practical Scholarship An idealistic professor transforms an unsophisticated Cockney girl into a refined young lady in this classic drama set in turn-of-the-century London. This Enriched Classic Edition includes: A concise introduction that gives readers important background information. A chronology of the author's life and work � A timeline of significant events that provides the book's historical context. An outline of key themes and plot points to help readers form their own interpretations. Detailed explanatory notes. Critical analysis including contemporary and modern perspectives on the work. Discussion questions to promote lively classroom and book group interaction. A list of recommended related books and films to broaden the reader's experience. Enriched Classics offer readers affordable editions of great works of literature enhanced by helpful notes and insightful commentary. The scholarship provided in Enriched Classics enables readers to appreciate, understand, and enjoy the world's finest books to their full potential. Series edited by Cynthia Brantley Johnson
    R 145,00
    Picture of Caucasian Chalk Circle (Methuen Student Edition) 9780413544506

    Caucasian Chalk Circle (Methuen Student Edition) 9780413544506

    Caucasian Chalk Circle (Methuen Student Edition) -This Student Edition of Brecht's classic dramatisation of the conflict over possession of a child features an extensive introduction and commentary that includes a plot summary, discussion of the context, themes, characters, style and language as well as questions for further study and notes on words and phrases in the text. It is the perfect edition for students of theatre and literature. Brecht projects an ancient Chinese story onto a realistic setting in Soviet Georgia. In a theme that echoes the Judgment of Solomon, two women argue over the possession of a child; thanks to the unruly judge, Azdak (one of Brecht's most vivid creations) natural justice is done and the peasant Grusha keeps the child she loves, even though she is not its mother. Written in exile in the United States during the Second World War, "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" is a politically-charged, much-revived and complex example of Brecht's epic theatre. This volume contains expert notes on the author's life and work, historical and political background to the play, photographs from stage productions and a glossary of difficult words and phrases. It features the acclaimed translation by James and Tania Stern with W. H. Auden.
    R 235,00
    Picture of Oedipus Plays (Sophocles) 9780571195350

    Oedipus Plays (Sophocles) 9780571195350

    Oedipus Plays (Sophocles) - Get your A in gear! They're today's most popular study guides-with everything you need to succeed in school. Written by Harvard students for students, since its inception SparkNotes(TM) has developed a loyal community of dedicated users and become a major education brand. Consumer demand has been so strong that the guides have expanded to over 150 titles. SparkNotes'(TM) motto is Smarter, Better, Faster because: - They feature the most current ideas and themes, written by experts.- They're easier to understand, because the same people who use them have also written them.- The clear writing style and edited content enables students to read through the material quickly, saving valuable time. And with everything covered--context; plot overview; character lists; themes, motifs, and symbols; summary and analysis, key facts; study questions and essay topics; and reviews and resources--you don't have to go anywhere else!
    R 250,00
    Picture of Plays One Missing Crossing Miracle 9781840021455

    Plays One Missing Crossing Miracle 9781840021455

    Plays One: 'Missing', 'Crossing', 'Miracle' - The three plays in this volume are hauntingly beautiful pieces with simple fable-like characters who are touched by magical events. A circus has a mysterious significance in Missing (Mis) as a mother and daughter are visited by a blind policeman on the nights it comes to town. In Crossing (Drif) a stormy night brings a hypnotist to the home of two sisters who live by a ford, two women who bury the bodies of fortune-seekers who fail to heed their warnings about the river when it is in flood. Miracle (Mirakel) centres on a theatrical troupe and again exemplifies the author's earthiness, humour and child-like wonder.

    R 600,00
    Picture of Tin Bucket Drum 9781868149728

    Tin Bucket Drum 9781868149728

    Tin Bucket Drum - On a `cold and starless night' a young pregnant widow, Nandi, arrives in Tin Town, a bleak, drought-stricken place ruled by silence and fear. Little do the inhabitants know that Nandi is carrying the baby who will, in time, change all that. Taken in by Umkhulu (grandfather), whose father established the tin bucket factory that gave the town its name, Nandi gives birth to Nomvula, the Little Drummer Girl. Umkhulu remembers a past when `people were free to sing and dance', when the rain came and the townsfolk held up their tin buckets to catch the precious, life-giving drops. And then came the Silent Sir and his spokesman, the Censor, and the town went silent. As the singing and dancing and drumming dried up, so did the rain. The tin bucket factory closed, taking with it the life and purpose of Tin Town's inhabitants. Only the Little Drummer Girl can bring back that life, but at enormous personal cost. In Tin Bucket Drum, Neil Coppen achieves a small miracle. Through his lyrical script and the creative use of lighting and sound, one woman, the Narrator, succeeds in evoking a host of characters as this allegorical tale of oppression and liberation plays itself out. It is a story that offers a host of lessons for many places and many times.
    R 165,00
    Picture of Woza Albert 9780413530004

    Woza Albert 9780413530004

    Woza Albert - Woza Albert! is based on one dazzlingly simple idea - that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ should take place in present-day South Africa. This brilliant two-man show from the Market Theatre, Johannesburg, took the Edinburgh Festival then London by storm in September 1982, playing to standing ovations every night. It was also seen in Berlin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia and twice on BBC TV. This edition contains a new introduction by Yvette Hutchison
    R 135,00
    Picture of Boy Who Fell From the Roof 9780620389587

    Boy Who Fell From the Roof 9780620389587

    Boy Who Fell From the Roof
    R 237,00
    Picture of Nothing But the Truth 9781868143894

    Nothing But the Truth 9781868143894

    Nothing but the Truth - Nothing but the Truth is a story of two brothers, of sibling rivalry, of exile, of memory and reconciliation, of perplexities of freedom.
    R 132,00
    Picture of Via Afrika Dramatic Arts Grade 10 9781415423073

    Via Afrika Dramatic Arts Grade 10 9781415423073

    Via Afrika Dramatic Arts Grade 10 - Via Afrika Dramatic Arts is a comprehensive series, which covers all the suggested content for Dramatic Arts and provides relevant activities through which real learning will take place. The broad and specific Topics, as well as the knowledge and skills areas, as defined by the CAPS documents is comprehensively covered. Teachers are still able to make choices, which will be of the most relevance to their learners, thus ensuring engagement with the learning process. The series has a strong South African focus, but also exposes learners to a wide

    range of pan-African, Western and Eastern drama forms which have shaped the world of Dramatic Arts. Film has also been explored where relevant.
    R 236,90
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