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    Spanish Ab Initio for the IB Diploma: by Concept 9781510449541

    Manufacturer: Macmillan Publishers
    Spanish Ab Initio for the IB Diploma: by Concept - Ensure that the needs of all IB Students are met with this comprehensive and flexible Student Book, written specifically for the updated Spanish ab initio course.

    - Communicate confidently by exploring the five prescribed themes through authentic texts and skills practice at the right level, delivered in clear learning pathways.

    - Produce coherent written texts and deliver proficient presentations with grammar and vocabulary introduced in context and in relation to appropriate spoken and written registers.

    - Improve receptive skills with authentic written texts, audio recordings spoken at a natural pace, and carefully crafted reading and listening tasks.

    - Promote global citizenship, intercultural understanding and an appreciation of Hispanic cultures through a wide range of text types and cultural material from around the world.

    - Deliver effective practice with a range of structured tasks within each unit that build reading, listening, speaking and writing skills.

    - Establish meaningful links to TOK and CAS, and identify learner profile attributes in action.
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    Products specifications
    Dimensions L x W (mm) 214 x 276 x 16mm
    Author(s) J. Rafael Angel
    Format / Binding Paperback
    Language Spanish
    Grade IBDP
    Weight in Grams 998
    Subject Spanish Ab Initio
    Condition New
    Type Learner Book
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