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    Macbeth (Shakespeare for Southern Africa) 9780190407315

    Macbeth (Shakespeare for Southern Africa) - Macbeth is a brave battle hero and loyal servant to King Duncan until he meets three witches on his return from battle, who predict that he will be king. His driving ambition fanned into flame by his power-hungry wife cause him to betray his friends and his king. He kills King Duncan in order to become king himself and then loses all sense of moral justice as he defends his ill-gotten throne. Lady Macbeth goes mad with guilt and Macbeth sees his life unravel through bad choices and the witches' deceit. Eventually Macbeth dies in battle, and peace and order are restored to Scotland when Malcolm becomes the rightful king.

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    Dimensions L x W (mm) 216x169
    Author(s) Shakespeare W
    Format / Binding Paperback
    Language English
    Weight in Grams 500
    Subject English
    Condition New
    Type Reader
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    When Nigeria is shaken by a military coup, Kambili's father, involved mysteriously in the political crisis, sends her to live with her aunt. In this house, noisy and full of laughter, she discovers life and love - and a terrible, bruising secret deep within her family.

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    Picture of Kruppel Engel 9781431039722

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    Kruppel Engel - Om te weet wie jou pa is, is om te �s. Al stry hy jou af. Al suip hy soos jou stiefpa, net aan duurder goed. Al is hy wit. Nou weet jy wie jy is en waarmee jy werk. Nou weet jy hoekom is jou neus groot en jou lippe dun. En nou weet jy dat jou boude klein gaan bly. Nou vat jy jou klip en jy dr� dit, want dis wie jy is. Tina bly op die Coetzees se skaapplaas in die Karoo. Haar grootmaakpa pas skaap op, maar sy vermoed haar biologiese pa boer op Engelsplaas � die plaas langsaan. Engelsplaas word so genoem omdat die plaaseienaars nou al vir geslagte lank �n engel het. Tina gaan skool in die Engelse plaasskool Rising Star, maar sy wil graag na die Afrikaanse dorpskool toe gaan. As dit net nie so duur was nie. Toe sy van moedeloosheid wil wegloop, s� Jakob, �n kruppel padloper, haar aan om haar regte pa te gaan vra vir geld.
    R 85,95