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    Lien se Lankstaanskoene EAT Handleiding en Gids 9781920281762

    Manufacturer: Seiklo Publishers
    Lien se Lankstaanskoene EAT Handleiding en Gids is an ALL-IN-ONE Handbook, Study Guide and Workbook. It comprises ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW to guide your interpretation, understanding, self-regulation and appreciation of the prescribed work, *Lien se lankstaanskoene* by Derick van der Walt. It is content-rich, visually engaging and user-friendly -- making it EASY, EFFECTIVE, and ENJOYABLE to GET THE GRADE. Background Information (for establishing a context) Nutshell Definitions (words, phrases, expressions) Nutshell Summaries of Literary Elements (per chapter) Concise Chapter Summaries (side-by-side Afrikaans-English) Comprehensive Analyses and In-depth Discussions of Literary Elements (title; genre; plot structure; narrative voice and point of view; characters and characterisation; character relationships and groupings; conflict and tension; passage and handling of time; background and time period; macro and micro settings; atmosphere: tone and mood; central themes, sub-themes; messages; symbols and motifs) Bright Ideas for Classroom Peers´┐Ż (exercises, assignments, activities) Practice Questions (contextual per chapter; paragraph, essay)
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    Products specifications
    Author(s) Kloppers & Seigels
    Format / Binding Paperback
    Language Afrikaans
    Grade FET
    Dimensions L x W (mm) 300 x 210
    Weight in Grams 300
    Subject Literature
    Condition New
    Type Textbook