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    Laaste Karretjiegraf 9780798164047

    Manufacturer: NB Publishers
    Laaste Karretjiegraf - The story of the Geduld family, who buries their grandmother Mieta in the Karoo veld and covers the grave with stones, as the karretjie people (sheep shearers who travel from farm to farm with their donkey carts) have always done. Her grandchildren seem destined to end up in the township near Colesberg. Their father Koot used to be the best sheep shearer in the district, but he was jailed for the murder of his second wife. After his release, Sarah, a researcher who interviewed the family years ago, finds Koot. Together they consider the past and future of the karretjie people.
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    Author(s) Steyn R
    Format / Binding Paperback
    Language Afrikaans
    Dimensions L x W in cm 213x137
    Weight in Grams 85
    Subject Afrikaans
    Condition New
    Type Reader
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