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    Jolly Phonics Resources CD 9781844141425

    Manufacturer: Jolly Learning
    A comprehensive compilation of Jolly Phonics resources.The CD can be used by teachers to create their own additional classroom materials from flash cards to worksheets for class and homework use.* Jolly Phonics action sound pictures?* Extensive templates for different activities?* Reward stickers and certificates?* Specific templates for speech therapists to use?* Word bank and dictation sentences?* Colour and black & white images,plus the Jolly Phonics characters?* Sassoon letters and letter formation practice sheets?* Posters of lower and upper case letters?* Tricky words and the vowel forest.
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    R 490.00
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    Products specifications
    Dimensions L x W (mm) 135 x 190 x 14mm
    Author(s) Llyod
    Format / Binding CD-Rom
    Language English
    Weight in Grams 110g
    Subject English
    Condition New
    Type CD-Rom
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