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    Jolly Phonics Extra* (Personal Edition) 9781844144358

    Manufacturer: Jolly Learning
    The Jolly Phonics Extra (Personal Edition) - provides an innovative and comprehensive set of materials,designed specifically for children who would benefit from extra help.An 'extra', phonetically regular text has been used throughout the materials in this kit.Placed discreetly underneath the traditional text,it provides additional pronunciation help with detracting from the main text.The Talking PEN gives further support in a number of ways:providing an audio guide for each individual sound,modelling word blending and tricky-word reading,and helping the children to hear the sounds in words.The TalkingPEN can also be used by the children to self-check their reading;they simply touch the passage they have just read with the Talking PEN to hear the text read back to them.The kit comes with a Jolly Phonics Extra Guide and a Jolly Phonics Extra Getting Started Guide.
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    R 3 500,00
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    Products specifications
    Author(s) Jolly
    Language English
    Dimensions L x W in cm 232 x 260 x 130mm
    Weight in Grams 410g
    Subject English
    Condition New
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    Parents often want to support and help teach children to read at home.The Jolly Phonics at Home kit is an extensive range of Jolly Phonics materials that have been carefully developed to be used in the home and in particular with children who are at the early stages of reading and writing.The kit is packed full of multi-sensory resources enabling the child to explore and learn in a fun and enjoyable way.All items are contained within a bright canvas case which the child is able to carry.There is even a slot on the case to add a picture of the child and if you open Snake's mouth at the side of the case there are also a set of triangular grip pencils and and eraser.Everything your child needs to start learning to read and write!Ages 3+. Items contained include: * Jolly Phonics Activity Book 1-7* Jolly Phonics DVD* Jolly Songs (A4 book and CD) *Jolly Stories * Jolly Phonics Letter Sound Poster.Plus FREE triangular grip pencils (red, yellow, green & blue) and eraser.
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